The Hundred: Chris Gayle, David Warner & Steve Smith star in main draft

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The Hundred draft occurs on Sunday, with stars like David Warner Chris Gayle and Lasith Malinga hoping to make a contract.
Several England players have already been selected by the eight teams to the new competition, which begins next year.
BBC Sport will have a live flow and text of the mens draft, which starts at 19:00 BST, with analysis from players and pundits.
But how does it work?
Eight mens and womens groups will compete against one another in the tournament that is new.
The format of matches? Its 100 balls each group, and whoever scores the most runs wins.
The England players have been drafted – Ben Stokes is currently heading to the Leeds-based Northern Superchargers, whereas Lords picked Heather Knight -established London Spirit.
The eight teams will take it in turns to choose a participant to complete their 15-man squads, and theyll have 100 seconds to generate their selection.
There are just seven set salary groups, with up to 2 players to be chosen at each of the next: # 75,000, # 100,000, # 5 125,000, # 60,000, # 50,000, # 40,000 and # 30,000. Captains will get a bonus of 10,000.
Each group may have three players along with twoicons in their counties.
Warner, australians Steve Smith along with Mitchell Starc are in the price bracket, along with Sri Lanka bowler Malinga, West Indies batsman Gayle along with Kagiso Rabada of South Africa.
Then they wont be selected in the draft, if a player isnt selected at their bottom cost – that they can, however, be called up during the tournament.
When teams may provide a # 30,000 contract to a player who has caught their attention in the T20 Blast contest the spot from the teams will be filled next summer.
Each team has already picked two women.
Stage 2 of the participant selection procedure (1 October 2019 – 30 May 2020) for the womens game will see each team fill the rest 13 spaces inside their group from around three player pools: the remaining England centrally contracted players, international players and national players.
Teams can sign one further player contracted during phase two and can sign a max of three players that are .
The womens seven wages brackets include: # 4,800, # 12,000, # 9,000, # 7,200, # 6,000, # 15,000 and 3,600. A 1,200 bonus will be received by the captains.
The contest runs from 17 July to 16 August 2020 and will start.
Therell be 32 league games in complete with groups playing one another after – besides their pairedcompetitions, whom they satisfy twice (home and away).
The competitions include: Birmingham and Manchester, the two London teams, Leeds and Nottingham and Southampton and Cardiff.
The top 3 teams following the league games will compete at a Finals Day. The team goes through to the closing, while second will play next to the remaining spot.
BBC iPlayer and the BBC Sport website will sponsor text commentary and a live flow together with evaluation from ex-England internationals Ryan Sidebottom, Graham Onions and Ebony Rainford-Brent.
The BBC will have live tv coverage of the matches of 10 men from The Hundred and around eight live matches in the womens tournament, including both finals.
There will also be live TV coverage of 2 England men T20 matches and a single England womens T20 international.
It all amounts to – appropriately – 100 hours back on BBC tv, also including highlights of Englands international matches every evening.
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