Ross Fisher lights up day two of the Open de Espana with two straight eagles

A performance that Valtteri Bottas was waiting for, evoking memories closer to people from the beginning of the year when he had been a challenger that is persistent to Lewis Hamilton.
Of the five sessions that did occur before Q1-Q3, P1-P2 and the race, Bottas was the faster Mercedes of these in four , ultimately qualifying for the very first time in six races ahead of Hamilton. He looked very comfortable once in that position that is leading and set that start edge to use when he exploded off line past the faltering Ferraris. Even a one-stopper from his team-mate might have complicated things but Hamilton did quit two too and, whatever the circumstance, Toto Wolff made clearwe are not enjoying team-mates against each other together using race plan.
Suzuka has always been my favourite track even though Ive never been particularly strong here but now I like this monitor even more. It has been a while since my last victory, I overlooked that winning feeling, said the Finn of his third triumph of 2019 and the sixth of his career.
To his credit, Bottas has only just dropped two points to Hamilton because the summertime – his tournament shortage was 62 points after Hungary and it is 64 today – and will expect his results keep his team-mate waiting for the crown a little longer than Mexico weekly.
Rating out of ten: 9
A triumph that got out for Sebastian Vettel or just one where second place between what appeared to be two quicker Mercedes was a powerful result? Had he never begun from the very front then the latter conclusion would definitely have been evident, but the impressive nature of this Germans return to pole position just hours ahead of the race had raised expectations that he was in line for a fifth Suzuka win.
With the momentum/concentration that was lost meaning he was overtaken from behind by Bottas vettel scuppered the path by rolling before the lights. Saying , losing only 1 place was probably lucky in itself awarded thereally bad start from pole.
He couldnt keep up with the lead Mercedes out there, but was canny enough to maintain his tyres in for the closing laps to keep Hamiltons Silver Arrow of the race at bay. After so many questions regarding his status within Ferrari there was no question regarding the individuality of the Scuderia driver in Suzuka.
Rating from ten: 8
Winning from fourth in Suzuka was always going to be quite a tall order and, as it was, it was Bottas who opened the very clear chance to become the Suzuka victor if he burst into the lead at the beginning up. Despite winning this course on four events, Hamilton states the circuit is not one of his and Bottas did hold the edge on him and again if it mattered in qualifying.
Still, it was a strong race-day drive from the world champion, even though that longer stint than either Bottas or Vettel ultimately neither opened into a one-stopper or got him before the Ferrari. Still, while his points lead might have been decreased by nine going to Mexico, that Drivers Championship is getting for Hamilton the races run out and because the contenders fall out. Hes also become the second driver following Michael Schumacher to be a part of six constructors championship victories with one team.
Rating out of ten: 7.5
Matching team-mate Max Verstappen lap likely represented the most crucial period of Alex Albons introduction Suzuka weekend. Yes, fourth place in the race proved his best F1 result so far, when he appeared to extract the maximum out of their RB15 but his Red Bull directors will be encouraged by this before Sunday morning Q3 speed.
The race was a bit more challenging, with his ultimate 59-second deficit to front not aided by a poor start when he dropped behind both McLarens. He overtook Lando Norris with a strong but, won out on plan and superior automobile pace to eventually overhaul Carlos Sainz and as judged by the stewards move farther down the inside. This weekend has certainly felt as if my best with the group, said Albon, that now has five successive top-six endings under his belt because stepping upward in Toro Rosso two weeks ago.
Rating out of ten: 8
There were four types of those, the group of Carlos Sainz of cars in the Western GP – both the midfield, runners, both the backmarkers and , nestled very between the first two. In the words of staff manager Andreas Seidl, the Spaniard madea breathtaking driveway to finish fifth – the fifth time Sainz has finished in the top six in the previous six races – as he came home ahead of Charles Leclercs Ferrari on the street and a long way clear of Daniel Ricciardos Renault.
One of the contenders to get the motorist of this season of 2019 is now ahead of Pierre Gasly for sixth in the Drivers Championship also, using the guarantee of more strong results ahead of his inaugural McLaren year is out to come.
Rating from ten: 9.5
Speak with a Super Sunday of two halves. The weekend of daniel Ricciardos had threatened to be led to the file indicatedforgettable after equilibrium problems in the back of his Renault assisted knock him out in Q1. But if theres 1 thing that you should never do with the Honey Badger of F1 – and, even more pertinently, one of the most overtakers of it – would be his abilities of recovery.
This was definitely underlined at Suzuka, Ricciardo was in the things by lap seven, didnt pit 29 and subsequently proceeded to some late night spree to pass his team-mate, also as a part of a team pact, plus Perez, Stroll and Gasly. Leclercs time penalty gave him.
Rating out of ten: 8
The damage to Charles Leclercs weekend has been completed long before the stewards penalised him to the tune of 15 minutes at the hours after the race for two infringements related to his second-corner battle with Max Verstappen. In relative to the race weekends because the summer break, Suzuka was a relative struggle for Leclerc with Vettel re-emerging at this weekend as Ferrari performer. As weve come to understand this year, Leclerc is his very own harshest-critic so that you may expect a response out of him in Mexico and the USA.
Rating out of ten: 5.5
Whether or not hes only more in tune with Toro Rossos auto than he had been Red Bulls, Pierre Gasly is doing precisely what he wants to do to rebuild his confidence and reputation after his summer demotion. Qualifying and finishing in the top 10 this was an impressive accomplishment, particularly given the Frenchman.
As Toro Rosso leader Franz Tost explained:He was able to find the maximum out of the automobile, especially since we discovered an issue on his suspension, which made his car more challenging to drive. Pierre needed to be very careful – especially on the last laps – not to lose the back, but he handled it in a professional way, showing very great car control. Sergio Perez was less happy with Gaslys car control from the last-lap clash which sent the Racing Point motorist into the hurdles, but the stewards watched it longer 50-50 and so took no actions.
Rating out of ten: 8
How can you complete the race in the barriers and end up scoring points? Sergio Perez could thank a glitch from F1s electronic chequered flag platform for withdrawing lap 53 from the 2019 Western GP, meaning his struggle with Gasly didnt actually occur in the official results. In truth, that assembly with all the hurdles was an unfortunate end to what had been a nice drive from Perez after a surprise Q1 exit earlier on Sunday had abandoned him all to try and get back to the things.
Rating from ten: 7.5
It was an awesome recovery from this morning in which our qualifying was not so good, said Nico Hulkenberg, who had only fared slightly better compared to Ricciardo on Sunday morning in front of a far-more aggressive race functionality. He was the direct Renault, running in ninth with 10 laps to go before his team-mate, on fresher tyres, and Perez proceeded. He finished but was straight back into the things once the end result was redeclared a spiral early. Still with no drive for 2020, however, Hulkenberg extends his string – his very best run because 2017-18.
Rating out of ten: 7
One Racing Point profited from the chequered-flag glitch, but once his team-mate was reinstated in ninth since Lance Stroll was reclassified in 11th place, another did not. A one-stopper didnt quite work out for the Canadian, who had run eighth into the final 10 laps.
Rating out of ten: 6.5
Lapping almost seven tenths of a second slower Gasly, in Q2 actually proved Daniil Kvyats undoing . He knew it. Starting the race in P14 was not perfect and I understood it was going to be tricky, said the Russian. I feel as the race was powerful, and even if we lost a few areas at the start, then on it was a good recovery. We will have to work so as to improve our The Saturday score is 4-1 at the Frenchmans favour since he was joined by Gasly in Spa.
Rating out of ten: 6.5
It turned out on lap four when Lando Norris, operating well in seventh position, was forced to pit a long way from sequence when debris from Leclercs Ferrari lodged itself in the McLarens right-brake duct. In the madness, I collected some debris in the brakes, which meant I needed to box very early on and the rest was fairly straightforward. Returning in last place, he fought to 13th.
Rating out of ten: 7
The run goes for Kimi Raikkonen, whos stayed stuck on 31 championship issues since the start of August. We all do all we can to bring home a great outcome and in the long run the car was pretty good on the last set of tyres, said Raikkonen, who spent the previous 15 laps on softs. We were running , four seconds quicker than before in the racebut unfortunately we had lost a lot of time and our afternoon was compromised. 14th from 13th on the grid was far from ideal.
Rating from ten: 6
A familiar narrative for a Haas driver this year. Beyond the points with the VF-19 not having anywhere near precisely exactly the level of competitive pace within the run space as it does the qualifying one romain Grosjean made Q3 but completed the race. Losing four places on lap on for Grosjean.
Rating out of ten: 6.5
Antonio Giovinazzi came in a tenth of placing one Alfa Romeo in Q3 and has had Raikkonens number more frequently than not in qualifying. Sunday day at Suzuka has been a different story though, with the Italian commissioned by Raikkonen at the closing laps.
Rating out of ten: 6
Kevin Magnussen understood when he crashed within minutes of Robert Kubica at the identical spot in Q1 he had been Sunday, in for an even more anticipated. A brilliant start to the race watched him profit six rankings – including one from Grosjean, who had begun 10th – but he dropped steadily backwards from there.
Rating out of ten: 5
George Russell enjoyed his Suzuka debut, despite the limitations of his car, and took the scalp of Perez as revealed alongside Albon in his SkyPad appearance on Friday. Brake problems around the Williams made it anextremely tricky race for the rookie, who fell out before the ending but was classified 18th. ?
Rating from ten: 7
Nine years on from what will stand as one of his finest F1 qualifying performances at Suzuka, when he qualified fourth for Renault, Robert Kubica did not get the opportunity for that which could be one final flat-out lap around the renowned figure-of-eight when he lost control of his Williams and hit the hurdles at the final corner. The news out there was that he got to complete and race. The men have done another amazing job, theyre a really terrific group of individuals, said Kubica of the Williams crew. I really love their work, not only now but throughout the entire year.
Rating out of ten: 5
Irresponsible has been Max Verstappens verdict on Charles Leclercs driving into Suzukas second corner after the Ferrari slid into himdamaged Red Bull, and also successfully finished his race. Red Bull called a halt on lap 15 owing to harm although verstappen pitted for repairs. Would Mexico of wins, today offer a little more cheer?
Rating out of ten: 6.5

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